We’re proud to announce that $LIME staking programs are already live! Each person who prefers not to lose any opportunity to get a profit and additional reward for having LIME in their accounts can choose among three available staking programs by iMe at the present moment.

Among the USDT revenue, participants of the programs will have the chance to receive additional rewards in partners’ tokens. The top 10 wallets with the biggest amount of LIME tokens on their accounts will get a sustainable prize in tokens of some of the iMe partners.

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Get ready to trade $LIME

Deposit https://bit.ly/3nCvHlg
Trading will start at 1 PM UTC today
Buy $LIME https://bit.ly/3EeQktT

Project Introduction: https://asdx.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406838822547

Interested in learning where to start? We are here to help!

Check out How-To Videos and User Guides below:
How to register:
https://bit.ly/3fP5POo https://bit.ly/37Yu4p0
How to deposit:
https://bit.ly/3AudJ7L https://bit.ly/3y9lrTu
How to cash trade:
https://bit.ly/3D494eW https://bit.ly/2Wn0oQe

Earn commissions by referring friends! Join our Affiliate Referral Program with capped commissions at 20% here: https://bit.ly/3s63rId

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iMe Lab is ready to integrate OLAI Neurobot Governance System

iMe leverages cutting-edge technologies to make communication seamless, intuitive, and engaging. This time, we integrate OLAI neurobot governance system into iMe ecosystem in line with our ongoing DeFi and blockchain adoption.

The integration is powered by OLPORTAL — the AI-based neurobot marketplace and Smart State — a leading DeFi security auditing company, which is based in Dubai that validates the security of code cores, smart contracts and blockchains for logical and business process vulnerabilities.

Let’s take a look at the key highlights of the integration and what it means to neurobot users.

Smart State will build the OLAI neurobot governance smart contract

Smart State has agreed to build the smart…

The iMe Lab project is searching for new tokens of the most robust projects around to add to our native crypto wallet. We are looking for the best solution providers with ERC20 and/or BEP20 tokens already listed and ready to be integrated into the iMe ecosystem to enable the community to swap, store, send, and receive as many valid and interesting tokens as they want right in their Telegram.

What you get by adding your crypto asset to iMe Wallet

  1. After your token is added to our wallet, it will become available for iMe’s big ever-growing community counting more than 1M downloads for Android and more than 1M for iOS, 670,000+…

iMe Lab has started a new trading competition for the LIME community, taking place on the PancakeSwap exchange. The event will last for 10 days and be closed on August 13, 00:00 UTC. Hurry up to participate and get as many points as you can to receive great rewards!

The top 10 traders will share a prize pool of 300,000,000 SHIB tokens (SHIBA INU) and 300,000,000 AKITA tokens (AKITA INU).

In addition, a $2,000 USDT prize pool will be distributed among 5 randomly chosen participants of the competition.

The LIME trading competition is already live.

Duration: August 3 to August…

iMe Lab is thrilled to announce the start of the $LIME Trading Competition on August 2, at 00:00 UTC. Trade LIME and get fair remuneration for it!

The trading will take place on the Uniswap exchange. The Top 10 traders will share a substantial reward of 300,000,000 SHIB tokens and 300,000,000 AKITA tokens. Besides, 5 participants of the competition, who will be chosen randomly, will share a $2,000 USDT prize pool.

The event will last for 10 days and end on August 12, 00:00 UTC.

The registration is already open. Fill in the registration form to be able to get…

We have prepared the recap of the WeChat AMA with our co-founder Alex Borutskiy organized by the Dragon Sunrise community and Winkrypto. Have a look at the 10 selected questions and answers to them and learn more about iMe objectives, if you missed the conversation held on July, 23.

Join iMe’s WeChat community by scanning the QR code on the picture to follow our updates and hear about WeChat events of iMe. Let’s get started!

Topic: iMe: a smart platform that integrates Telegram social, encrypted wallet and DeFi

Host: Hello everyone, I am MiaoMiao, the CMO of the Sunrise Dragon Community, and welcome everyone. Hello, Alex Borutskiy, welcome to Sunrise Dragon Community! …

LIME has been already issued by iMe Lab and now it is available to all users in the iMe wallet!

Direct exchange for LIME is available in the iMe application via integrated Uniswap V2 protocol. Users can get LIME right in the iMe application only in a few clicks.

The ability to add fake tokens is excluded in iMe, only original coins are available, what ensures safe work with cryptoassets.

LIME token details from iMe Lab

Etherscan: Contract address

Uniswap V2: Swap / Chart


Bilaxy: LIME-ETH

CoinGecko / CoinMarketCap

Please note THE TEAM WILL…

We want to share with you the iMe crypto wallet’s work progress and plans to be implemented in July and August.✨

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Look at the picture and find out what next will be realized in iMe

Visit our website for more details — https://imem.app

We invite you to be part of our growing community. You can join our community on Telegram — https://t.me/iMe_en and https://t.me/iMeLime.

Follow us on Twitter and Reddit, and get regular updates on news, events and exciting development stories.

iMe for Android has been updated to version 7.7.5!

New from iMe
• Sorting messages in the Cloud and in chats, with settings in the Interface section;
• Now you can set an animated sticker and GIF not only on the avatar of your profile, but also on the avatars of groups or channels;
• Bug fixes and optimization.

iMe for iOS has been updated to version 7.7.2!

New from iMe
• ETH and USDT purchases with a bank card via international secure Simplex processing;
• Transfers via chats by clicking on an attachment button;
• Settings of the whitelist of users for making transfers;
• Ability to make the Ethereum address public, to accept transfers without requests to add to your…


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