At iMe Smart Platform, we are committed to always creating more value for our community. By doing so, we are creating a tripartite win-win — for our community members, who get continuous and better opportunities to earn rewards and profits; for us as an ecosystem; and for the general crypto…

With the latest updates, it’s now possible to manage 11 new tokens by our partner projects that were recently added to the iMe wallet. At last, users may manage and send any freshly integrated tokens using the Telegram handle in our convenient crypto wallet interface.

Tokens added:

DEGO by Dego Finance


We are ready to disclose the top 20 winners to share a $12,000 reward pool in $UFI tokens provided by our partner PureFi, participating in $LIME Staking campaigns by the iMe project. Our congratulations to the winners with the biggest amount of $LIME staked during the second week of the…

It’s time to announce the first batch of top 10 wallets participating in $LIME Staking programs by the iMe project! We’re happy to congratulate the following participants who have shared the prize pool of $50,000 in $LANC tokens (BEP20) by our partner Lanceria. …

We’re proud to announce that $LIME staking programs are already live! Each person who prefers not to lose any opportunity to get a profit and additional reward for having LIME in their accounts can choose among two available staking programs by iMe at the present moment.

Among the USDT revenue…

Get ready to trade $LIME

Trading will start at 1 PM UTC today

Project Introduction:

Interested in learning where to start? We are here to help!

Check out How-To Videos and User Guides below:
How to register:
How to deposit:
How to cash trade:

iMe Lab is ready to integrate OLAI Neurobot Governance System

iMe leverages cutting-edge technologies to make communication seamless, intuitive, and engaging. This time, we integrate OLAI neurobot governance system into iMe ecosystem in line with our ongoing DeFi and blockchain adoption.

The integration is powered by OLPORTAL — the AI-based neurobot marketplace and Smart State — a leading DeFi security…

The iMe Lab project is searching for new tokens of the most robust projects around to add to our native crypto wallet. …

iMe Lab has started a new trading competition for the LIME community, taking place on the PancakeSwap exchange. The event will last for 10 days and be closed on August 13, 00:00 UTC. Hurry up to participate and get as many points as you can to receive great rewards!


iMe Lab is thrilled to announce the start of the $LIME Trading Competition on August 2, at 00:00 UTC. Trade LIME and get fair remuneration for it!

The trading will take place on the Uniswap exchange. The Top 10 traders will share a substantial reward of 300,000,000 SHIB tokens and…


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