As part of our journey to enhance the usability of iMe Smart Platform, we are partnering with the next-gen blockchain monitoring platform, PARSIQ.

PARSIQ provides blockchain infrastructures for organizations with an extra layer of monitoring and automation systems. It facilitates a multi-level bridge that connects blockchains with off-chain applications. …

We’re proud to announce that $LIME staking programs are already live! Each person who prefers not to lose any opportunity to get a profit and additional reward for having LIME in their accounts can choose among two available staking programs by iMe at the present moment.

Among the USDT revenue…

Get ready to trade $LIME

Trading will start at 1 PM UTC today

Project Introduction:

Interested in learning where to start? We are here to help!

Check out How-To Videos and User Guides below:
How to register:
How to deposit:
How to cash trade:


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