We have prepared the recap of the WeChat AMA with our co-founder Alex Borutskiy organized by the Dragon Sunrise community and Winkrypto. Have a look at the 10 selected questions and answers to them and learn more about iMe objectives, if you missed the conversation held on July, 23.

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Topic: iMe: a smart platform that integrates Telegram social, encrypted wallet and DeFi

Host: Hello everyone, I am MiaoMiao, the CMO of the Sunrise Dragon Community, and welcome everyone. Hello, Alex Borutskiy, welcome to Sunrise Dragon Community! …

LIME has been already issued by iMe Lab and now it is available to all users in the iMe wallet!

Direct exchange for LIME is available in the iMe application via integrated Uniswap V2 protocol. Users can get LIME right in the iMe application only in a few clicks.

The ability to add fake tokens is excluded in iMe, only original coins are available, what ensures safe work with cryptoassets.

LIME token details from iMe Lab

Etherscan: Contract address

Uniswap V2: Swap / Chart


Bilaxy: LIME-ETH

CoinGecko / CoinMarketCap

Please note THE TEAM WILL…

We want to share with you the iMe crypto wallet’s work progress and plans to be implemented in July and August.✨

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Look at the picture and find out what next will be realized in iMe

Visit our website for more details — https://imem.app

We invite you to be part of our growing community. You can join our community on Telegram — https://t.me/iMe_en and https://t.me/iMeLime.

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iMe for Android has been updated to version 7.7.5!

New from iMe
• Sorting messages in the Cloud and in chats, with settings in the Interface section;
• Now you can set an animated sticker and GIF not only on the avatar of your profile, but also on the avatars of groups or channels;
• Bug fixes and optimization.

iMe for iOS has been updated to version 7.7.2!

New from iMe
• ETH and USDT purchases with a bank card via international secure Simplex processing;
• Transfers via chats by clicking on an attachment button;
• Settings of the whitelist of users for making transfers;
• Ability to make the Ethereum address public, to accept transfers without requests to add to your…

We are living in exciting times. Technological advancements in all spheres of human endeavor have made our lives not only easy but also satisfying even in its most mundane activities. Taking inspiration from the evolving nature of social technology, the iMe Smart Platform is a next-gen messenger full of new features and possibilities for communication. Adding to this is its application of DeFi functionalities powered by the new, exciting digital asset class — cryptocurrencies. …

Litentry will integrate iMe wallet on-chain data to its identity aggregation protocol to expand mutual capabilities. The strategic partnership will provide an array of functionalities to iMe users.

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with cross-chain identity aggregator Litentry in what is expected to be a long-lasting and mutually rewarding collaboration. The partnership will enable users to link their iMe profile to the unique ID provided by Litentry while preserving their privacy and data sovereignty. …

Dear iMe community!

After analyzing the course of the latest events, we decided to have the listing on Uniswap a bit later.

The project is gaining recognition worldwide, and we have some new important partnerships underway.

Establishing new partnerships will make the project even more vibrant! And we’ll exceed the current number of 2, 300,000 users very soon, which is definitely worth waiting!

And while we are all expecting $LIME’s release, we plan to delight you with the completion of Binance Smart Chain integration.

Follow our news and roadmap.

Doing our best for the project and for you,
Yours 24/7, iMe…

We hasten to let you know that iMe IDO registration on A2DAO is already live! Lime Token sale is about to begin. Registration will be open today (May 25) until 18.00 UTC. You can participate in a few steps:

  1. Join @A2_DAO_BOT
  2. Follow the detailed instructions


Price per Token: $0.02

Raise: $80,000

Allocation: $500

Slots: 160


50% of Lime tokens will be distributed at the Token Generation Event, the other 50% in a week after TGE.

1 Lottery Ticket = 100 ATD

After the registration, you can’t move ATD from your registered wallet until the end of the Lottery. The Lottery…

iMe for iOS has been updated to version 7.7!

New from Telegram
The source code has been updated to Telegram version 7.7:
• Payments 2.0
• Scheduled Voice Chats
• Mini Profiles for Voice Chats
• Improved Video Player
More details

New from iMe
• Filters of members in channels, available for administrators;
• Settings for sorting messages in the Cloud;
• Improvement of the translator:
- Translation settings for channels
- Settings button in the translation window
- Change languages in places in the translation window
- Translation of polls
- Translation of bio’s in profiles
- Translation of a welcome message in bots
• Added transfers of ETH and tokens, between iMe users and to public addresses;

The iMe team never and under any circumstances asks and will not ask for investments and funds, including through any intermediaries in a form of individuals or legal entities.

Please note that all investment rounds have been already successfully completed!

The only place where it will be possible to purchase Lime officially is to make an exchange on centralized and decentralized exchanges, the list of which will be announced later on our official resources.

Anyone offering you to invest in iMe is a scam.

Be vigilant and don’t be fooled!

Best wishes, iMe team.

We invite you to be part of our growing community. You can join our community on Telegram — https://t.me/iMe_en and https://t.me/iMeLime. Get timely updates on our Telegram channel https://t.me/ime_en

Follow us on Twitter and Reddit, and get regular updates on news, events, and exciting development stories.


iMe - an alt client powered by Telegram API. - Improved folders, topics, wallet, neurobots, translator.

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