Administrators of Telegram groups and channels will be able to create CryptoBoxes and publish it in their chats as a tool for Bounty-programs.

CryptoBoxes contain a specific number of Lime tokens that can be received by a specific number of users.

To receive tokens from the CryptoBox, the user needs to be subscribed to the group or channel where the CryptoBox was issued.

Stay tuned to learn more!

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New donation option in LIME tokens will appear in iMe soon!

It will bring content creators and readers closer together, uniting everyone under the umbrella of decentralized finance!

Soon, users will have an opportunity to support their favorite channels and groups, and resource owners, in turn, get monetization opportunity.

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iMe official links:

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The iMe team has developed LIME Metrics API for displaying up-to-date LIME token data which is monitored in real time and updated once an hour.

Total Supply
Current Circulating

LIME token details from iMe Lab

The Current LIME circulation (ERC20 / BEP20) is ~160M LIME

The circulation supply increase from 90M to 160M is due to the fact that the project, according to the internal schedule and in advance approved…


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