Dear iMe community!

We are happy to announce our partnership with the Infam Platform!

Infam Platform is the first Web 3 multichain media platform for the ease and security of communication between various crypto industry participants. The company provides opportunities for marketing and fundraising in the field of crypto!




iMe X is the 1st community-oriented zkRollup solution for plugging common users into Web3.

- Tokenization of content and daily communication

- Ready smart contract templates for creating smart contracts in just a few clicks

- latest crypto toolkits in the iMe-Telegram ecosystem

- SBTs and NFTs tokens creation

iMe X is a new project by the iMe team. iMe X blockchain protocol is specially designed to be incorporated into big social ecosystems like Telegram, Discord, iMe.

When iMe X is launched, it will be integrated into iMe to plug millions of current iMe users & future iMe users into Web3.



We’re happy to tell you that our YouTube channel is already verified!

To get the check mark, the channel must have 100K+ subscribers or be popular enough. The second condition really proves the growing interest in iMe!

However, 100,000+ subscribers is not bad either! Let’s hit more subscribers! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave likes and comments under our illustrative videos with cute ducks.

Don’t forget to share them with your friends!

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