Announcing iMe Awards WINNERS!

Dear community! You waited for it! You got it! We’re ready to announce the iMe Awards winners who will share the prize pool of 2,500,000 LIME tokens on the Polygon network and even a bit more;)

After all these months of non-stop work, we’ve selected the TOP 20 participants taking into consideration all points they earned in all tasks except for Task 3: Bring a friend or referral link task. Due to the lack of resources to check the referral links’ data as well as some technical issues, this task was excluded from the calculations of the overall results.

The top 20 participants will receive their rewards in LIME tokens according to their placement:

The 1st-5th place — 200,000 LIME each

The 6th-10th place — 120,000 LIME each

The 11th-20th place — 60,000 LIME each

Attention! The rewards for top winners will be credited in equal installments within 4 months to their wallet addresses in iMe. The first part of your reward was sent to your iMe wallet address.

ALL other participants of iMe Awards that are not in the top 20 can receive the bonus prize of 300 LIME (on the Polygon chain). Please send your iMe wallet address to our @iMeMessenger Telegram Support till the 31st of July. Your rewards will be credited to your address on the 1st of August.

IMPORTANT! Your LIME rewards will be sent to your iMe Wallet address. If you have no activated/imported wallet in the iMe app, you need to create one and send it to our support. Check The guide for activating the iMe wallet.

If you have any questions regarding the iMe Awards, please contact our support team @iMeMessenger.

Thank you all for your participation! Wait for new iMe contests and airdrops, and keep following our socials to learn about our news among the first!

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