Big Giveaway event by iMe & Symbiosis & Unique Things: Winners!

3 min readMar 5, 2022


The Big Collaborative Giveaway by iMe & Symbiosis & Unique Things has come to an end! We are thankful to every participant for their contribution and ready to announce the lucky winners to share the Prize Pot of:

400,000 LIME (BEP20) Tokens by iMe

5,000,000 UNIQUE (BEP20) Tokens by Unique Things

$5,000 in SIS (ERC20) tokens by Symbiosis

Find yourself among the TOP 10 participants and Lottery winners with 2,000 and more LIME on their accounts.

List of the Winners:

Please Note: The number of eligible Lottery winners is less than the primarily announced 50 slots according to the results of the entries review.

The rest of the Lottery Prize Pool will be allocated to future competitions by iMe, Unique Things, or Symbiosis Finance.


The top 10 participants with the most entries earned will share 200,000 LIME and 2,500,000 Unique tokens as follows:

1st Place: 66,000 LIME + 825,000 UNIQUE

2nd Place: 44,000 LIME + 550,000 UNIQUE

3d Place: 20,000 LIME + 250,000 UNIQUE

4th — 10th Places: 10,000 LIME + 125,000 UNIQUE


Each lottery winner with 2,000 and more LIME on their accounts (check the List of Winners table) will get the following prize:

4,000 LIME Tokens + 50,000 Unique tokens + $100 in SIS tokens

Rewards distribution:

The rewards will be distributed to the wallet addresses denoted by the winners in the Competition form. Check the addresses in the List of Winners document.

You have 24 hours to contact us on Telegram for any questions regarding the distribution and wallets. Write to @iMeMessenger.

LIME token rewards distribution

LIME tokens (BEP20) will be sent to the winners next week. The prizes will be delivered to the wallets denoted in the Gleam competition.

UNIQUE token rewards distribution

UNIQUE tokens (BEP20) will be distributed after the IDO of the Unique Things project. The date will be announced on Unique Things’ official resources. Stay tuned not to miss the announcements!

SIS token rewards distribution

SIS tokens (ERC20) will be sent to the winners by the Symbiosis Finance team.

Please, pay attention! SIS rewards will be sent via the Arbitrum L2 EVM network. Make sure you have denoted a stand-alone and not an exchange wallet.

Read how to connect to Arbitrum

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for your participation! If you have not found your TG handle in the List of Winners, you are welcome to try your luck in future giveaways and contests by iMe and our partners Unique Things and Symbiosis.

Keep an eye on Unique Things and Symbiosis resources to learn about their future events and campaigns.

Unique Things: Twitter | Telegram

Symbiosis Finance: Twitter| Telegram

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