Detailed guide on using functionalities of the iMe Wallet. Part 1.

1. Downloading iMe and setting up the crypto wallet

  1. (a) The first step is to download the iMe app from the marketplace — Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore.
  1. (b) After you open the iMe app, once downloaded, you’ll be prompted to connect your Telegram to it. Once you approve, your Telegram will receive a code that you’ll have to input to complete the process of connecting iMe to Telegram.
  1. ( c)By tapping the three short horizontal lines just left of “iMe” at the top, you will be able to open a slider with different options, including the Wallet option.
  1. (d) You can create your crypto wallet inside iMe. When you tap on the “Wallet” option, you’ll be prompted to create the wallet through the authorization of your Telegram account.
  1. (e) The iMe Wallet Bot will ask your permission to create the wallet. Once you click on “Activate iMe Wallet” the wallet will be created.
  1. (f) Once your wallet is created, you’ll be able to see the following image. For all your wallet-related queries, there is a detailed FAQ section that you can tap on. The wallet is non-custodial, meaning only you have access to your wallet. iMe verifies all the tokens and there are no fake tokens, helping you keep your wallet safe.
  1. (g) Now, you have the option to create or import your wallet. Once you tap on the “Create” option, it will help create an Ethereum wallet, by default. There is also the option to have the same wallet, compatible with other networks, which we shall come to later.

2. Adding cryptocurrencies to your wallet.

3. Transferring crypto to a contact

4. Sending tokens right in chats

5. Swap and trade tokens in DEXs and CEXs

6. Multiple networks supported

7. Binance Pay integration

8. Sending Payment Requests in chats with the Binance Pay feature



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