Dear iMe community!

After analyzing the course of the latest events, we decided to have the listing on Uniswap a bit later.

The project is gaining recognition worldwide, and we have some new important partnerships underway.

Establishing new partnerships will make the project even more vibrant! And we’ll exceed the current number of 2, 300,000 users very soon, which is definitely worth waiting!

And while we are all expecting $LIME’s release, we plan to delight you with the completion of Binance Smart Chain integration.

Follow our news and roadmap.

Doing our best for the project and for you,
Yours 24/7, iMe Team!

Please note! The iMe team will never ask you for any investment and will never approach you directly. All valid information on smart contract and links to a trading pair will appear only on the official iMe Smart Platform’s channels:

Telegram announcement channel

iMe Messenger group

Lime by iMe group



Google Play

App Store





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