$GFX token reward pool distribution for top 10 wallets in $LIME Staking

Ending the working week with the good news is a really great idea! Today is such a day for the top 10 participants of our $LIME Staking campaigns. We are going to distribute a $10,000 reward pool in $GFX tokens (BEP20) provided by the GamyFi project to incentivize the wallets that took part in our staking campaigns with the biggest amount of $LIME staked. We are glad to announce happy winners and pleased to congratulate them on their well-deserved rewards. Meet the Top 10 wallets to get $GFX tokens (BEP20) reward for staking $LIME:

1) 0x1F4fa7F0cD8Ffe6629bFe349702e5652cFD34675 — 1,950 $GFX tokens

2) 0x6187DE29e759ae2b1dB4221eC1bA7b0E98e8ee3E — 1,820 $GFX tokens

3) 0x872e8E5Fb0685331cB881265A7426eB2DDE5B935 — 1,690 $GFX tokens

4) 0xEF343CB71561B277f292a18251AB43fE31b3f24d — 1,560 $GFX tokens

5) 0x64C308D9c0B75d51b028483C0FcB5e11642B5f8f — 1,430 $GFX tokens

6) 0x3FD6850e65bD3F7DDf8EFDAC3185958eaB222930 — 1,170 $GFX tokens

7) 0xa18eF58b91eBceF6d2A1A79D3D4911D56e9382cF — 1,040 $GFX tokens

8) 0x666D7A2793DD7Cfa739356f931f9819573352F8f — 910 $GFX tokens

9) 0xaE0C307EBDE614c64468358121aE1Aefe4794e09 — 780 $GFX tokens

10) 0xfe4356089A122e3155408343eC2153810D970E8d — 650 $GFX tokens

We have sent the rewards to the above winners. Check your accounts and thank you for your contribution! The prizes are distributed according to the amount of $LIME staked. Stake more, get more!

If you want to share the next prize pool as well as get your constant USDT reward for holding $LIME tokens of the iMe project, join one of the $LIME staking campaigns and become the leader holding the biggest amount of $LIME. Read the details here.

Wait for the new reward pool distribution and guess which partner’s tokens will be sent to the top wallets next time! Stay tuned to our social media not to miss other news and surprises by iMe!

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