Guide on how to mint $USDO with $LIME

Stake LIME in the vaults to mint USDO → Supply USDO alongside LIME at a high native APY → Lend USDO to earn more → Repay to unlock collateral. That’s really easy to do! Here we’ll tell you about this in more detail!

Our partners’ OpenDAO’s Stablecoin Minter on BSC represents an efficient and strong DeFi allowing users to unlock the value in their $LIME, and earn more of it in the process.

Let’s go to the guide then!

How to

Step 1

Go to and let’s start

A quick guide on the minter interface

{1} Asset Selector: Allows you to change the asset
{2} Quick Links: Takes you to buy, add liquidity, and staking sites for the selected asset
{3} Your Info: Very important information about your position and assets
{4} Stablecoin Module: Stake, Mint, and Lend! This is where the action happens. See more below.

Step 2

If you need to buy some $LIME, get it here

Step 3

Stake $LIME. Click the ‘approve’ button and confirm the action in your wallet

Please, note: If you stake $LIME for the first time on the OpenDAO platform, you’ll need to make two Metamask transactions — 1)to stake and 2)enable collateral.

Staking should be automatically selected, but check twice, stake once ;-)
  • Enter the amount to stake, or click the “% or MAX” buttons.
  • Click the “SUBMIT” button.
Disable your collateral with the toggle above the submit button
  • Congratulations! Now, your collateral is staked. You can start minting!

Step 4

Mint USDO. You’ll need to take the following steps for this:

  • Choose the tab “Mint USDO”
  • The “Mint” subtab in the lower-left corner should be automatically selected
  • Now click “Approve” — Confirm in wallet
  • Enter the quantity into the relevant window
  • Submit — Confirm in wallet
  • That’s it! New USDO has been successfully minted

Now, you can supply liquidity to various LPs to earn trade fees with your minted USDO.

As soon as you provided liquidity to an LP, stake in the auto-compounding farms to earn more.

Please, don’t exceed your “Mint Limit” + Remember that changing market prices may affect your limit too!

Step 5

Adding USDO and LIME to an LP. Adding $LIME and $USDO to the Liquidity Pool at PancakeSwap. Or, you can also click “ADD LIME-USDO LP” on the site.

Adding USDO and LIME to an LP on the site
Add USDO and LIME to the pool on PancakeSwap
  • From now on, you’ll be earning fees whenever anyone uses the pool to go back and forth between LIME and USDO!

Step 6

Stake your LP Tokens for a 1000%+ APY.

Approve, Confirm, Deposit All, Confirm!
  • Or click “STAKE LIME-USDO LP FOR XXX.XX% APY” on the site
  • Your USDO and LIME is now auto-compounding, earning more of itself every 24 hours!

Instead of seeing rewards, you should see your underlying deposited LP position increase, putting your tokens to work.

Step 7


If you want to make your stablecoins bring you a profit, this option is for you!

  • Choose the top right tab — “Lend USDO”
  • The “Land” subtab will be automatically selected
  • Enter the quantity and click “Submit” — Confirm in wallet

That’s it! By following these simple steps, you may start to earn easily!

What is USDO?

USDO is an over-collateralized multi-collateral stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, thereby making stocks, real estate, crypto currencies, and nearly any real world asset a viable candidate as collateral for minting it.

What is OpenDAO?

OpenDAO (OPEN) is the home of the multi-collateral over-collateralized stablecoin that serves as a bridge for real-world assets to cross over into the growing DeFi infrastructure.

The goal is to bring more value into the space by providing exposure to real estate, stocks, and more… all in a uniquely permissionless and seamless manner.

Real world industries’ business models will be completely transformed with OpenDAO.

About iMe Smart Platform

iMe is an entire ecosystem with the Telegram-based messenger, Crypto Wallet, and DeFi tools and its native utility token $LIME. With robust DeFi capabilities integrated into the messenger (Uniswap, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum), iMe is on a mission to make DeFi more accessible to a wider population. The platform enables sending any crypto via Telegram handles in a few clicks. iMe is the first one to add Binance Pay functionality into the wallet. Now it’s available in the iMe app for Android and iOS users.

Follow app updates on our official resources and iMe’s Telegram channels. Download the app from Google Play and the App Store, or download our APK.

iMe official links:

@iMe_en / @iMe_ru / @iMe_ai / @iMeLime

Web / Twitter / Reddit / YouTube




iMe - an alt client powered by Telegram API. - Improved folders, topics, wallet, neurobots, translator. Site —

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iMe - an alt client powered by Telegram API. - Improved folders, topics, wallet, neurobots, translator. Site —

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