How does Lime token bring utility to the iMe ecosystem?

Lime token (ERC-20 standard), the primary token on iMe Smart Platform, opens up a huge trove of new opportunities for the iMe community. It will play an integral role in the evolution of iMe into a full-fledged DeFi ecosystem.

During the Token Generation Event (TGE), a total of 1 billion Lime tokens will be released. The token circulation during listing is limited to a mere 6.89%.

These are some of the ways how Lime tokens will cater to the development of iMe Smart Platform and bring value to token holders.


As the project develops, Lime token will be listed on popular crypto exchanges. This will give utility and value to Lime tokens outside the iMe ecosystem. Users will be able to purchase coins of their choice in exchange for the Lime tokens in their hands.

In addition to that, iMe has made provisions to exchange Lime tokens inside the ecosystem. For this, Uniswap has already been integrated into iMe Smart Platform. Soon, popular crypto exchanges like Pancakeswap and 1INCH will be made available. This will enable users to manage their assets directly via the iMe app. They won’t have to use MetaMask every time to make transactions.


Lime tokens will give holders the right to vote and bring about changes they wish to see in the ecosystem. Being a community-driven project, iMe will realize its decentralized vision through Lime tokens and ensure complete transparency in project development.

In the coming stages, a tier system based on the number of tokens held by each user in the iMe wallet will be introduced. Users belonging to the top tiers will have more say in the governance. They can exercise more votes on various decisions regarding the evolution of the ecosystem.

Reward system

Lime tokens will be at the core of the smart incentivization plan mapped out for increased engagement on iMe. Users who make positive contributions towards the growth of the platform will be rewarded with Lime tokens. Some interesting contests will be made exclusively open to Lime token holders.

Yield farming

Partner tokens will be made available to Lime token holders through dedicated yield farming. iMe will forge relationships with other competent partner projects and share partners’ token pools for Lime token holders. They can employ smart contracts to participate in yield farming.

Lime tokens will play an integral role in all the exchanges and transactions that happen on the iMe Smart Platform. Although iMe currently supports Ethereum blockchain, it has plans to integrate Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain as well. This will extend the utility of Lime tokens. Users can employ the partners’ products on iMe Smart Platform to claim a variety of exclusive privileges.

More utilities of the Lime tokens and info about the tier system will be disclosed after Lime token listing, scheduled to be held around mid May.

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