iMe aims to bring DeFi to the masses

DeFi opens up a world of new opportunities. While crypto and fintech enthusiasts are on the bandwagon already, there are still many who raise their eyebrows when you drop DeFi in a conversation. They are skeptical about the whole trustless finance thingy.

iMe aims to solve this. Launched as a smart messenger built on Telegram, iMe captured the hearts of thousands of users with its quirky, innovative features like neurobots that seamlessly sprinkle fun into conversations. It has now integrated DeFi capabilities into its messenger in a mission to make DeFi more accessible to a wider mass. Apart from multiple sets of tools that will empower your communication online, iMe features a crypto wallet with the integrated Uniswap crypto exchange.

1. Crypto Wallet

As of now, iMe Smart Platform has more than 50 thousand active deposits and 300,000 plus activated wallets overall. This essentially means that you can transfer crypto tokens to your friends, family, and business associates on Telegram in just a few clicks.

To make things more interesting, the wallet is integrated with Uniswap to feature the functionalities of a crypto exchange. Although now available for Ethereum and USDT blockchains, it will soon extend its capabilities for more blockchains including Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot.

2. Lime tokens

Lime token is the native token for the iMe Smart Platform ecosystem. It is an Ethereum token of the ERC-20 standard. Lime tokens will be necessary for many transactions inside the ecosystem. Central to the reward system on the platform, Lime tokens will promote engagement and incentivize users. It will also give token holders the right to vote and have a say in the governance of the platform.

Lime tokens will be available for purchase on popular crypto exchanges expanding their utility outside the iMe ecosystem.

3. Fun communication

Do you often find yourself fumbling through a conversation? iMe has a great set of tools to give you a hand. A neurobot store that offers AI powered chatbots of different personalities and styles, a built-in Google translator to normalize international communication, audio to text automatic transcription assistance, and a lot more. The platform also facilitates great usability through a convenient multi-panel, a functional cloud, and advanced folder features.

DeFi makes financial activities feasible by cutting out the role of central authorities and brokers. iMe helps laymen users get more exposure to the decentralized world and promote financial inclusion through a messaging ecosystem.

If you haven’t downloaded iMe yet, find it on Google Play Store or App Store, or install our APK and be a part of the DeFi community!


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