iMe Awards!

Terms and details

Before you start your run for the $LIME reward, please, look through these main terms and requirements for participation to fully understand the program without having any issues with the ban. Any violations of the following rules lead to disqualification:

  • Each participant of the program must install iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet and activate the wallet in the app.
  • Only one spot for a person/team to participate (a participant/team must provide only ONE Telegram ID and ONE email address).
  • One Telegram account per person. (no multiple accounts allowed)
  • Each accomplished task brings a certain amount of points according to the level of the chosen activity. (You can see the number of given points in the tasks’ descriptions)
  • Task points are made to track the progress of the tasks’ execution by contributors and have no monetary value at all. Besides, participants can’t transfer, sell, or exchange obtained points.
  • 20 leaders of the iMe Awards table will need to complete KYC to receive a reward payment.

Reward pool

2,500,000 Lime tokens will be shared among 20 eligible participants of the program.

Task 1: Social media activity (200 pts per social media).

A participant can target one, several, or all social media denoted in the list below, each may bring them 200 points.

  • Like and retweet the announcement of the iMe Awards program on the official Twitter of the project. Tag a crypto/tech influencer or VC in the comments under the post and write a few lines about why iMe Smart Platform is a great project.
  • Give applause of 15+ claps to this iMe Awards article on our Medium page, and leave a substantial comment.
  • Subscribe, like all videos on our official YouTube channel, and leave comments under all of them. It is crucial to make your subscriptions visible in YouTube settings, otherwise this task won’t be counted.
  • Fill in this form to confirm the completion of the task.

Task 2: Meet and greet (800 pts)

Our community is growing day by day, and there are many newcomers with a bunch of questions. Help them to find the necessary information and guide them to all crucial aspects of the project. So, all you have to do is:

  • Join our Telegram group Lime by iMe
  • Answer questions from the members and help newcomers to be up to speed on the project’s ideas and aspects.

Task 3: Bring a friend or referral link task (10 pts per referral link)

Download the app via links to Google Play or App Store and activate the wallet (wallet section in the app).

  • Get your referral link by tapping on your wallet account. At the bottom of the screen, tap on ‘referral link’ in the pop-up window and share the link with as many friends and contacts as possible.
  • Submit your iMe account ID and other necessary info in this form.
  • The number of iMe installation via your referral link (20 pts per installation)
  • The number of further wallet activations (20 pts per activation)
  • The number of created/imported Ethereum addresses in activated wallets (20 pts per action)

Task 4: Memes attack (up to 3,000 pts)

Here come memes! Let’s see how it is going with your creativity and sense of humor. Memes are a great tool for an unusual project’s presentation, so the more creative pic or GIF you’ll make, the more points you’ll get.

  • Create a funny meme or GIF describing the advantages of the project or illustrating the efficiency of iMe Messenger.
  • Leave your self-made meme or GIF in the comments to this tweet and put the link to the comment with the Meme/GIF in this form.

Task 5: Video creating contest (up to 8,000 pts)

This task requires video recording skills, a creative approach, and deep research to present the iMe Smart Platform in the best way. To accomplish this kind of challenge, contributors should:

  • Make an interactive video that describes iMe Messenger and its unique and multiple features in the best way so that any viewer will understand its main advantages.
  • Videos can be made in any language, may contain any infographics, and animation as well (that will be a strong point to win). It also must be no less than 2 minutes long.
  • Don’t forget to put the links to the iMe Messenger official site, our YouTube channel, Twitter, iMe and LiMe Telegram groups in the description to your video.
  • The main assessment parameters are quality, creativity, and the depth of understanding of the project’s aspects and ideas by the author.
  • Submit the link to your video in this form.

Task 6: Snap and show great iMe features (up to 5,000 pts)

Present some exciting iMe features by snapping a quick video or recording the screen of your smartphone like in this example. Make a post/posts with a great feature video on any or all of your social media pages (the more, the better) and get points for it. Hurry up to illustrate as many features as you can.

Task 7: Reddit boost (up to 3,000 pts)

Help people to learn more about the iMe project on our subreddit r/iMeSmartPlatform. Show your loyalty to the project and faith in our main ideas and plans. Support iMe by starting or joining discussions on our subreddit or throwing the light on the iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet principles in the open Reddit. Share links to Twitter, the project’s official site and/or Google Play, and App Store with numerous Reddit dwellers and help the iMe subreddit community to grow aware of its updates and plans.

  • Join the iMe subreddit r/iMeSmartPlatform
  • Start or join any conversation about the project’s advantages, ideas, technologies, and plans.
  • Answer questions about the project or leave comments if necessary. Guide the newcomers to the main aspects of iMe.
  • Spread the word about the iMe project together with the links (official site and/or Google Play/App Store, Twitter) across Reddit.
  • Submit your Reddit username in the form.



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