iMe Crypto Wallet Roadmap

The iMe Messenger is being developed into a comprehensive DeFi platform, along with its awesome chat capabilities. Our team is blazing the trail to combine crypto transactions into the Telegram client, so that people can easily transact using the chat functionalities.

We have given ourselves an ambitious timeframe to develop and deploy these features. Here is our Roadmap. We are trying, not just to follow this roadmap, but to beat our targets consistently and to add even newer, more exciting features into the platform.

11.2020 │ Integration of the Ethereum blockchain ✅
11.2020 │ Storage of the ETH ✅
12.2020 │ Buy ETH via Simplex ✅
01.2021 │ ETH transfers ✅
03.2021 │ Adding USDT ✅
03.2021 │ Uniswap integration
03.2021 │ Limescale release
03.2021 │ To be Listed on Uniswap and 1INCH
04.2021 │ Deposits with income in USDT
04.2021 │ Bitcoin Blockchain Integration
04.2021 │ Adding Bitcoin
05.2021 │ To be Listed on CEXs

05.2021 │ Exchange AiCoin →Lime

05.2021 │ Adding Lime to Simplex

iMe is an alt client powered by Telegram API, with features such as improved folders, topics, secure crypto wallet, neurobots, and translator, among many others.

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