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What is a CryptoBox

For the CryptoBox creator, this is a great way to interact with your audience, attract a new one and keep the old one, because in order to receive a gift, it is required to be a member / subscriber of your community. If you have a crypto community or your own token, then this is a great opportunity to conduct an Airdrop or a Bounty program to promote your token and increase the number of holders.

For the CryptoBox participant, this is an opportunity to get tokens for free, as well as to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, if you are not familiar with it yet. In order to receive a token, you do not need to have a positive balance, as everything is already paid by the CryptoBox creator, but if you want to sell or swap the received token, then you will need to pay gas fee.

Cryptoboxes operate on smart contracts, what ensures the safety for the creator and participants.

CryptoBoxes in iMe can be created on EVM-compatible networks (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Mantle). The fees on BNB Chain and Polygon networks are paid in LIME tokens. The fees on other chains are paid in the native coin of the network.


Who can get a CryptoBox

Any user of iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet who has a linked EVM crypto wallet (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Mantle) can get a CryptoBox. To receive a CryptoBox, no other coins or tokens are required, all the fees are paid by the Creator of the CryptoBox in advance.

Just tap “Get CryptoBox” button and enjoy your reward!

Who can create a CryptoBox

Any user of iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet who has a linked EVM crypto wallet (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Mantle) with a positive balance and who has a channel or group where he or she is the Owner of a chat (not an admin) can create a CryptoBox.

How to create a CryptoBox

There are two ways of CryptoBox creation:

1. Go to the Wallet section, press the Services button and select CryptoBoxes;

2. Go to the chat profile where you are the Owner of a chat and click the Pencil button > CryptoBoxes (for Android users) / Edit > CryptoBoxes (for iOS users).

For the correct CryptoBoxes operation, you need to add @iMe_official_bot to the list of admins.

After that, you need to press on Create CryptoBox button and select the chat where you want to send it (if you used the 1st way). Next, you need to select the network on which you plan to send a CryptoBox, choose the distributed token, enter the number of tokens for each participant, the number of participants and optional description.

How to create a CryptoBox on Android
How to create a CryptoBox on iOS

The first time you create a CryptoBox within the same network and token, you will need to pay for Approval (blockchain fee), this operation is required to allow interaction with a smart contract.

After successful processing of the transaction in the blockchain, a message from the bot will be sent to the chat with a brief description of the CryptoBox: the remaining balance, the number of participants who took their reward and other parameters.

CryptoBox Statuses

There are several CryptoBox statuses after its creation:

Pending — the transaction for smart contract creation was sent to the blockchain, you need to wait until the transaction is processed;

Created — the smart contract was successfully created, but the CryptoBox message from the bot was not sent to the chat yet;

Active — a CryptoBox message from the bot was sent to the chat, the participants can participate in tokens distribution;

Finished (balance) — CryptoBox balance is exhausted, the CryptoBox is no longer active;

• Stopped early — CryptoBox was finished manually, the remaining balance was sent to the creator’s crypto wallet address;

Failed — an error occurred while creating a smart contract due to increased gas fee, lack of balance, transaction processing error or other blockchain error.

What are the fees when creating a CryptoBox

There are no fees for CryptoBox participant, as all the fees are paid by the creator in advance.

The CryptoBox creator pays gas fee for each participant so that chat participants could receive a gift in one click. You can see the following options when creating a CryptoBox:

Tokens for participants: is the total amount of tokens, included in the CryptoBox for rewards distribution to participants;

Creation fee: is the gas fee which is required for smart conract creation;

Fees for users: is the total fee for gas payment when sending rewards to each user;

Total fees: The total amount of all fees when creating the CryptoBox.

The gas fee for CryptoBox participants is paid in LIME tokens on BNB Chain and Polygon networks.

What is the validity period of CryptoBox

There is no validity period of a CryptoBox, but it is possible to stop it early if suddenly the number of people wishing to receive the CryptoBox turned out to be less than you entered when creating.

How to refresh or stop a CryptoBox

If you want to resend a CryptoBox service message to the chat because it was lost in the chat, you can go to the chat profile > Pencil (for Android) / Edit (for iOS) > CryptoBoxes, select the required CryptoBox and click Refresh. After that, the message from the bot will be resent to the chat with the existing statistics.

If you want to stop the CryptoBox and return the deposited tokens in it, then you need to go to the chat profile > Pencil (for Android) / Edit (for iOS) > CryptoBoxes, select the required CryptoBox and click Stop. After that, the remaining tokens will be returned to your wallet address.

If you still have questions about the CryptoBoxed functionality, please contact our technical support @iMeMessenger or LIME token discussion group @iMeLime.

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