iMe Partners with Lanceria to Bring the $LANC Token to its Wallet

At iMe Smart Platform, we are committed to always creating more value for our community. By doing so, we are creating a tripartite win-win — for our community members, who get continuous and better opportunities to earn rewards and profits; for us as an ecosystem; and for the general crypto community since our activities will boost mass adoption and overall public interest.

iMe community to benefit from the strategic partnership with Lanceria

Staying true to this philosophy, we have entered into a strategic partnership with Lanceria, the blockchain-powered platform for digital artists and freelancers that is set to revolutionize the online gig economy. Through this partnership, Lanceria’s $LANC tokens are now available inside the native crypto wallet. $LANC will be used as a payment method on the freelancing platform, alongside FIAT. Lanceria is aiming to create a hybrid freelancing platform based on AI technology and smart matching.

We have created some amazing functionalities within iMe that make managing tokens like $LANC easy and safe. The interface is intuitive and not only allows viewing real-time prices but also gives the option to swap the tokens. The best part is the ability to send $LANC tokens through one’s Telegram handle to any contact in your list, within our messaging platform.

According to the partnership, Lanceria has also provided $LANC tokens to the LIME staking programs. This means that top wallets holding a significant number of LIME tokens will get an additional reward in the form of $LANC tokens, as well as other partner projects’ tokens. As per our policy, we shall be distributing tokens of our partner projects on a constant basis. So anyone desirous of getting some free $LANC tokens is invited to participate in the LIME staking program.

What is Lanceria?

Founded in 2021, Lanceria is an AI-enabled low-commission freelancing marketplace. The platform, which is currently under development, will remove fees from freelancers and keep commission minimal on the employer side, while also working to build machine learning-based tools to match every freelancer with the perfect gig. Built by former freelancers with ample blockchain and AI experience, the company aims to transform the freelancing ecosystem with trust and transparency.

Lanceria’s goal is to build a global, unified, decentralized ecosystem for digital artists and freelancers using blockchain technology, AI, lower fees, and a streamlined workflow for independent contractors and businesses. The core features of blockchain technology, such as transparency, immutability, scalability, and accessibility, would provide a robust foundation for the platform’s automated features and foster trust among the stakeholders.

Lanceria aims to change the gig economy paradigm by dramatically slashing commissions for both freelancers and service buyers, with the former relieved of any fees to focus entirely on the gig. This will empower freelancers with monetary benefits by giving them the true value of the work.

The Alpha version of the Lanceria platform went live on September, 28th, 2021. Lanceria invited the top 311 community members — partners and supporters — and offered them the right to access premium freelancing services, as an incentive to celebrate the Alpha launch.

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