iMe Super App: Mass Adoption of Crypto is near!

The market capitalization for cryptocurrencies is around $2,000 billion, but cryptocurrencies haven’t had much success in going mainstream. One of the stop-factors for the newcomers to enter the crypto community is the complexity of most crypto services. In iMe, we realized the combination of a full-fledged non-custodial crypto wallet and a Telegram-based messaging platform to enable seamless and safe operations with crypto in the habitual messaging environment of nearly one billion Telegram users worldwide.

It is the only app allowing you to manage your crypto in the well-known interface of Messenger, send crypto in a few clicks via a Telegram handle right in Telegram chats, the same way you send a picture or emoji. With robust integrated DeFi, NFT and GameFi tools, Binance Pay and Simplex services available right in your messenger, iMe is on a mission to make crypto and DeFi more accessible to a wider population and to facilitate crypto adoption worldwide.

Short videos to explain:

Today, iMe scores over 4,500,000 downloads at Google Play and AppStore with the average ranks 4.6–4.7 (according to over 38,000 reviews), and that’s just the start. Introduced at the beginning of 2021, the Crypto Wallet part has gained over 800,000 activations, around 1,000,000 active users monthly. Geographically, iMe users come from the USA, Brazil, Africa, the Gulf countries, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, India and Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam, China.

Download the app:

Regarding the unparalleled user base of the app, we believe the number of people using the built-in Crypto Wallet will be growing steadily to even more impressive figures. And we are sure that Telegram messenger is the perfect medium for crypto spread and adoption.

Meeting various needs

If adoption means the possibility to satisfy multiple needs, iMe introduces the vast range of upgraded communication and crypto features, all in one app, which makes it possible for people to opt for using either crypto or up-levelled messaging features up to their choice. iMe meets the daily needs of both crypto and mainstream communities, forming a meeting point for both, where the latest tech is embedded in the familiar ‘habitat’.

Here are only some of the iMe features:

  • Built-in non-custodial multi-chain wallet with integrated DEXs (Uniswap and Pancakeswap; Other DEXs are coming) and DeFi upon Telegram’s messaging platform.
  • Integrated BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon (Avalanche, Polkadot, Solana, and other popular chains to be integrated in 2022) with more than 50+ tokens of our partners;
  • Integrated Binance Pay service with the possibility to send commission-free payments in chats. On the second step of integrations there will be Binance Pay exchange operations;
  • Donations to the chat or channel creators right in the app;
  • CryptoBoxes to incentivize a group’s followers;
  • The opportunity to buy crypto with fiat through Simplex;
  • Wallet Connect integration which makes it possible to use iMe wallet in 5000+ different projects;
  • NFT & Metaverse & GameFi (coming);
  • Built-in translator in chats;
  • Neurobots’ store;
  • Advanced tools for sorting folders;
  • Voice-to-text, picture-to-text, and many more.

Only in iMe, users can apply Binance Pay in their Telegram chats for commissionless sending and swapping crypto. With the Wallet Connect integration, we can also involve GameFi fans to use the iMe Wallet.

Newbies- and professionals-friendly

For every usage pattern, there’s a relevant toolkit available in iMe. Using iMe for communication purposes at first, contemporary active users are given the opportunity to explore the integrated crypto tools and gradually immerse into crypto. With its simple and intuitive interface, iMe serves as a perfect gateway to the crypto world for crypto newbies as well as a handy tool for crypto professionals. In iMe, users don’t have to apply any external applications to use the built-in DEXs and services.

iMe is free, and there are no extra fees charged in the app for using crypto except for the inherent DEXs’ or chains’ commissions.

Tokens of more than 50 crypto projects available on Telegram

Rates and balances are displayed for users’ convenience. With iMe, all Telegram users can access over 50 partners’ tokens. In the future, we’ll provide the possibility to see all the tokens with a positive balance including particular rare ones in a user’s wallet account.

Multi-chain support

Currently, iMe supports 3 chains (Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon), but the architecture of the app allows an almost unlimited number of integrations. We plan to embed the most popular blockchains in 2022: Avalanche, Neo, Elrond, Fantom, Tron, Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, Bitcoin.

For every crypto project, iMe provides a great opportunity to make life easier for their followers and to send the project’s tokens right in Telegram chats. Projects’ community managers can apply Donations and Cryptoboxes in their TG chats to boost the involvement.

Enhanced Safety

iMe has high-level safety characteristics, which can help avoid concerns when starting using crypto: iMe doesn’t have access to any users’ data including names, phone numbers, conversations, and does not store and transmit it anywhere. All this data is processed through the most secured Telegram servers. iMe Wallet is non-custodial, only a user’s device has access to keys and funds. No data is stored on servers. The app has passed serious audits made by CertiK and Simplex.

For all these reasons, iMe creates a unique ecosystem where everyone from the patchy community of Telegram and crypto-lovers can find tools that meet their needs. In the process of exploring iMe functionality, users learn how to start dealing with crypto, from simple transfers to swapping on DEXs and different staking and farming options. Today, it’s both the most progressive and the easiest way to start working with crypto, with no direct competitors.

iMe is Crypto Adoption!

Follow app updates on our official resources and iMe’s Telegram channels. Download the app from Google Play and the App Store, or download our APK.

iMe official links:

@iMe_en / @iMe_ru / @iMe_ai / @iMeLime

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iMe - an alt client powered by Telegram API. - Improved folders, topics, wallet, neurobots, translator. Site —

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iMe - an alt client powered by Telegram API. - Improved folders, topics, wallet, neurobots, translator. Site —

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