iMe updates (May 25th — June 8th)

1 min readJun 8, 2021


iMe for Android has been updated to version 7.7.5!

New from iMe
• Sorting messages in the Cloud and in chats, with settings in the Interface section;
• Now you can set an animated sticker and GIF not only on the avatar of your profile, but also on the avatars of groups or channels;
• Bug fixes and optimization.

iMe for iOS has been updated to version 7.7.2!

New from iMe
• ETH and USDT purchases with a bank card via international secure Simplex processing;
• Transfers via chats by clicking on an attachment button;
• Settings of the whitelist of users for making transfers;
• Ability to make the Ethereum address public, to accept transfers without requests to add to your whitelist;
• Redesign of the Wallet main screen;
• Optimization for iPhone+ and tablets;
• Bug fixes.

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