iMe User Base Growth Hits New Highs

iMe Smart Platform has been garnering attention from the crypto world and outside ever since the integration of a crypto wallet into the DeFi messaging ecosystem.

The total number of downloads from Android devices stands at an impressive 1,060,000 and iOS devices with more than 500,000 downloads. The wallet integrations have also been showcasing remarkable growth. As of now, the total number of active wallets on iMe is more than 300,000 and the total number of activated Ethereum accounts has reached 50,000. iMe hosts around 160,000 users per day and 734,000 per month.

As the project journeys through its ambitious roadmap, the user base is expected to expand further.

Who will find iMe useful?

Telegram users

Having built on top of Telegram, iMe facilitates a fun, intuitive DeFi experience in a messaging ecosystem. It slips Telegram into the background while retaining your contacts and chats and adds more fun and worth to your conversations.

iMe Messenger has so far been well-received by the audience. Reviews left on Play Store and App Store reveal the competence of the intuitive app. Many vouch that once you start using iMe, it is difficult to go back to ‘Just Telegram’.

Can you transfer cryptocurrencies on Telegram?

Can you access Uniswap on Telegram?

Can you seek the help of neurobots to spice up your conversations on Telegram?

Yes. But only if you have iMe Smart Platform installed on your device. This essentially means that iMe sees a prospective user base of more than half a billion in the existing Telegram users. As Telegram reaches more people, so will the iMe Smart Platform. And vice versa.

DeFi newbies

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is doing it. But for some reason, you can’t get yourself to take the plunge. Not yet.

Then iMe Smart Platform will suit you just right. The major mission that went behind the integration of DeFi capabilities into iMe Messenger is the mass adoption of DeFi and crypto. DeFi is not earmarked for the tech-savvy community. It should reach more people and only then will it pave the way for the financial inclusion it promises.

The user-friendly interface hosted by iMe Smart Platform offers a smooth DeFi experience for beginners. They can start by purchasing cryptocurrencies using their cards and send them to friends and family on Telegram.

DeFi enthusiasts

How often do you see a Messenger empowered with super-impressive DeFi capabilities?

iMe has a built-in crypto wallet that is integrated with a crypto exchange. It is currently integrated with Uniswap offering you a fun and hassle-free swapping experience right from your Telegram app. Soon, more exchanges like 1inch and Pancakeswap will be supported to widen your options. Work is also in progress to integrate BSC and Polkadot blockchains.

Wrapping up

iMe envisions a future where everyone can exchange data and value without relying on intermediaries or central authorities. With a dedicated team working behind the scenes to bring exciting new features into the ecosystem, the platform is expected to earn a massive user base in the coming months.

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