$LANC tokens reward distribution for top 10 wallets in $LIME Staking

It’s time to announce the first batch of top 10 wallets participating in $LIME Staking programs by the iMe project! We’re happy to congratulate the following participants who have shared the prize pool of $50,000 in $LANC tokens (BEP20) by our partner Lanceria. We have sent the rewards to the following top 10 wallets in the amount of 200,000 $LANC (BEP20) for each winner:

  1. 0x1914508e01739882966f8f45f36cbb288fba0bab
  2. 0x1a36d2f555910E303E6E06a5e7f9084AEb52905C
  3. 0xa18eF58b91eBceF6d2A1A79D3D4911D56e9382cF
  4. 0x64C308D9c0B75d51b028483C0FcB5e11642B5f8f
  5. 0x872e8E5Fb0685331cB881265A7426eB2DDE5B935
  6. 0xEF343CB71561B277f292a18251AB43fE31b3f24d
  7. 0x1F4fa7F0cD8Ffe6629bFe349702e5652cFD34675
  8. 0x3FD6850e65bD3F7DDf8EFDAC3185958eaB222930
  9. 0xE4e7381666A3c54e3E5dAcbd7E91a30C5767cafe
  10. 0x1C1C363AAfca663e5576e640A297C36E98198CCc

Our congratulations to you!

Other wallets entered into $LIME Staking programs up to this day will also receive a drop of 50,000 LANC tokens (BEP20) reward each for being the first one to participate.

We remind you that we allocate a prize pool in partners’ tokens for the top 10 participants having the biggest amount of $LIME staked in our Staking programs each week. Find the details on the campaigns here and choose the best way to earn USDT together with tokens of other projects with iMe Staking.

Wait for the new reward pool distribution next week and guess which partner’s tokens will be sent to the top wallets next time! Stay tuned to our social media not to miss other news and surprises by iMe!

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