LIME Trading Competition on Uniswap

iMe Lab is thrilled to announce the start of the $LIME Trading Competition on August 2, at 00:00 UTC. Trade LIME and get fair remuneration for it!

The trading will take place on the Uniswap exchange. The Top 10 traders will share a substantial reward of 300,000,000 SHIB tokens and 300,000,000 AKITA tokens. Besides, 5 participants of the competition, who will be chosen randomly, will share a $2,000 USDT prize pool.

The event will last for 10 days and end on August 12, 00:00 UTC.

The registration is already open. Fill in the registration form to be able to get a reward. The registration will be closed on August 12, 00:00 UTC

The ranking will be allocated according to the points earned during the participation. The more you trade, the more points you get, and the more substantial reward you receive.

Ranking Rewards of the Top 10 Winners

1st Place 80,000,000 SHIB Tokens + 80,000,000 AKITA Tokens

2nd Place65,000,000 SHIB Tokens + 65,000,000 AKITA Tokens

3d Place45,000,000 SHIB Tokens + 45,000,000 AKITA Tokens

4th Place35,000,000 SHIB Tokens + 35,000,000 AKITA Tokens

5th Place20,000,000 SHIB Tokens + 20,000,000 AKITA Tokens

6th Place15,000,000 SHIB Tokens + 15,000,000 AKITA Tokens

7th Place13,000,000 SHIB Tokens + 13,000,000 AKITA Tokens

8th Place11,500,000 SHIB Tokens + 11,500,000 AKITA Tokens

9th Place9,500,000 SHIB Tokens + 9,500,000 AKITA Tokens

10th Place6,000,000 SHIB Tokens + 6,000,000 AKITA Tokens

The Score Scale is calculated by the formula


where X — LIME Token balance of an account, Y — trading volume, Z — points you get.

The Details:

Competition start: August 2, 00:00 UTC

Competition end: August 12, 00:00 UTC

Registration period: August 3, 00:00 UTC to August 12, 00:00 UTC

Please Note: There’ll be a snapshot of a participant’s account balance on any day of the week (7 days) that will follow the end of the competition. Your account balance should remain the same as it was at the end of the competition.

Please, beware of scams! The valid links to the smart contract addresses and market pairs can be found only on our official Telegram channels:

The rewards distribution will occur shortly after the competition is over. Follow our official channels for updates and good luck in the big race!

Official links

@iMe_en / @iMe_ru / @iMe_ai / @iMeLime
Web / Twitter / Medium / Reddit / YouTube

Follow app updates on our official resources and iMe’s Telegram channels. Download the app from Google Play and the App Store, or download our APK.




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iMe - an alt client powered by Telegram API. - Improved folders, topics, wallet, neurobots, translator. Site —

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