Lucky Winners of the iMe & Metis Giveaway Event

3 min readMar 12, 2022


We’re glad to announce the winners of the iMe & Metis collaborative Giveaway Event. A lot of participants took part in this contests, but finally, we have selected lucky winners to share our prize pool of:

150,000 LIME BEP20 Tokens

30 Unique NFT Avatars by iMe


  1. We have top 10 winners with the highest score in the campaign, who’ll get their prizes according to the following rating:

1st place: 24,750LIME + NFT Avatar

2nd Place: 16,500 LIME + NFT Avatar

3d Place: 7,500 LIME + NFT Avatar

4th — 10th Places: 3,750 LIME + NFT Avatar

Check the Top 10 winners here:

2. We also have selected 350 lucky participants to share the rest of the prize pool in LIME tokens. Each winner will be given 215 LIME tokens (BEP20).

N.B. We have to allocate the rest of the LIME prize pool to 350 random participants due to the big number of entries and participants. This was made to let the maximum number of people who participated in this giveaway get a piece of a substantial reward. Those who haven’t got into the winners’ list, may try their luck in our future events.

Check the list of 350 random winners here:

3. You can find 10 random winners to share 10 NFT Avatars below

Each winner will get 1 NFT Avatar by iMe.

4. Bonus prize in 10 NFT Avatars by iMe will be distributed among the following 10 random winners with 500+ LIME on their wallets.

Check them below:

5. TOP 30 participants may become iMe’s spokespersons. Go by the link and find yourself in the list.

If you found yourself in the list of iMe’s spokespersons and want to know the details on this opportunity, please, write to our Telegram support @iMeMessenger

Rewards distribution

LIME rewards

LIME rewards will be distributed to lucky winners next week. Kindly be noted that LIME rewards will be sent to the wallets denoted by winners on For any questions about the Giveaway, please, contact our support @iMeMessenger on Telegram.

NFT Avatars

NFT Avatars rewards will be sent to the lucky winners after the mint event that will be announced on our official socials. Stay tuned and do not miss this news.

Please, note! Your NFT Avatar prize will be sent to the wallet address denoted in the competition form.

In order to see your NFT Avatar prize, use NFT compatible wallets. iMe wallet will also support NFTs by the time of the mint event. You may import your winning wallet address to iMe to see your NFT reward by using your seed phrase (24-words phrase).

Congratulations to our lucky winners and thank you all for participating in the campaign! Hope to see you in our next activities!

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