More tokens are welcomed to the Crypto Wallet by iMe

The iMe Lab project is searching for new tokens of the most robust projects around to add to our native crypto wallet. We are looking for the best solution providers with ERC20 and/or BEP20 tokens already listed and ready to be integrated into the iMe ecosystem to enable the community to swap, store, send, and receive as many valid and interesting tokens as they want right in their Telegram.

  1. After your token is added to our wallet, it will become available for iMe’s big ever-growing community counting more than 1M downloads for Android and more than 1M for iOS, 670,000+ activated internal wallets, and over 78,000 activated crypto wallets in the app.
  2. With iMe, it will become possible for crypto users to transfer/swap/store their assets via Telegram handle only in two clicks due to the user-friendly interface of the iMe app.
  3. The realization of new tokens’ integration will be followed with a range of announcements on all iMe official social media and our media partners’ resources as well.
  4. The technical part of the integration falls fully on the shoulders of our skillful development team. It implies no technical input from candidate projects.
  5. The iMe team can also realize the “buy” button for new tokens in iMe to enable users to get crypto with a credit card if the tokens are already listed on Simplex. FYI, Simplex charges a fee for getting listed in the system. If your token is not available there, you will have to pay a commission set by Simplex.
  6. There will also be the opportunity to add a direct link to your token’s market pair on Uniswap or PancakeSwap to make it accessible for iMe users. This possibility can be negotiated with a candidate project.

Upon the integration, projects should announce this event on their socials and mention iMe advantages and upcoming big events in their texts.

The selected projects with tokens to be added in the iMe Wallet may also join a one or two-month staking program by iMe that will get a wide exposure on several famous DeFi aggregators (to be announced soon). The relevant conditions for joining the iMe staking campaign will be discussed with each selected project separately. Any other type of mutually rewarding relationship between iMe and a candidate can be discussed as well. We are open to your suggestions.

Adding a token to iMe Crypto Wallet will be absolutely free for participating projects that will get the top score during the audit conducted by our team.

The initiative will last from August 31st till September 15th. After the period is over, the list of tokens will be formed to start the integration. Other tokens that missed the chance to fill in the form in time will have to wait for another token recruitment event to be announced on our socials.

The iMe team will conduct a detailed assessment of all applications to choose the tokens and projects that may bring unparalleled value to the iMe ecosystem.

If you want to find your token among the next bunch of assets available in iMe, please, apply here.

Thank you for your interest! We’ll contact you with further guidance after we finish the selection process.

The complete information about the iMe project can be found here:

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iMe is a smart platform with Telegram-based messenger, Crypto Wallet, and DeFi tools. The central idea behind the project is the empowerment of Telegram users through the functions of DeFi, providing people with convenient tools to manage cryptocurrencies easily in a user-friendly and secure interface. iMe connects mainstream and crypto communities!

The application is available on Google Play and App Store, download our APK.



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iMe - an alt client powered by Telegram API. - Improved folders, topics, wallet, neurobots, translator. Site —