New 11 tokens of partner projects and other updates are now available for iOS users

With the latest updates, it’s now possible to manage 11 new tokens by our partner projects that were recently added to the iMe wallet. At last, users may manage and send any freshly integrated tokens using the Telegram handle in our convenient crypto wallet interface.

DEGO by Dego Finance

PRE by Presearch


LSS by Lossless

GAINS by Gains Associates

UNN by Union

DEXT by DEXTools

TOMOE by Tomochain

FLURRY by Flurry Finance

FRM by Ferrum Network

DOP by Drops

This is not the only update for iOS users. iMe for iOS has also been updated to version 8.1! Check what is new in iMe for Apple users below:

The source code has been updated to Telegram 8.1.0 version:

• Colorful hat themes;

• Interactive emoji;

• Read recipients in small groups;

• Live stream and video chat recording.



• Sticker + Text, add your own text to any Telegram stickers;

• Language identification when replying to a message, for a quick reply with translation;

• Forwarding the translated text via the translator menu.

Crypto wallet

• New 11 tokens of partner projects were added;

• The links to smart contracts in token details were added;

• Tokens sorting by balances and alphabet.

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