Recap of AMA by Sunrise Dragon

We have prepared the recap of the WeChat AMA with our co-founder Alex Borutskiy organized by the Dragon Sunrise community and Winkrypto. Have a look at the 10 selected questions and answers to them and learn more about iMe objectives, if you missed the conversation held on July, 23.

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Topic: iMe: a smart platform that integrates Telegram social, encrypted wallet and DeFi

Host: Hello everyone, I am MiaoMiao, the CMO of the Sunrise Dragon Community, and welcome everyone. Hello, Alex Borutskiy, welcome to Sunrise Dragon Community! Next, I invite Alex to come and say hello to everyone.

Host: Be quiet, everyone, let’s start today’s topic — iMe: a smart platform that integrates Telegram social, encrypted wallet and DeFi. First of all, we have asked Alex to answer our questions about iMe in detail.

Host: Q1. We are very happy to invite Alex to the Sunrise Dragon community. Could you please introduce yourself and some of your experiences? In addition, can you tell us about the situation of the iMe team?

Alex Borutskiy: Hello, I´m Alex Borutskiy, one of the co-founders of iMe. I’m 20 years in IT, in crypto since 2016. Have a Ph.D. in economics. Ready to answer all the Qs regarding iMe.

iMe has a highly professional team of developers behind the project with experience starting from 10 years. Team leads have over 15 years of experience in development and were engaged in several successful crypto projects. Besides, working with the telegram code already means obtaining the highest skills: not every developer is capable of handling this code due to its complexity — it has no analogues and there are no handbooks on how to develop it. Our team leads are now writing handbooks on how to manage the telegram code!

We have been rock-solid for more than two years from the very beginning of the development and now our team has grown significantly.

Host: Q2. What is the iMe platform? Please tell us how the idea of this project came into being?

Alex Borutskiy: iMe has essentially two main features (all in one ready product which you can download, install, and try for free already). First, iMe has got a messaging ecosystem based on Telegram API with extra cool perks, voice-to-text transcription, google translator, neurobots, and other functional stuff. Second, the app has a well-functioning and safe crypto wallet to send some ETH in two clicks to your wife as a birthday present aaand, you don’t need to close the app, communicate, and send/buy/swap/receive crypto. Use your card to buy USDT or other currency immediately at the app.

Somebody asked to explain what is iMe, as an explanation for a child. I can say that it’s a modern way to communicate + all the “toys” big modern guys love (DeFi, crypto exchange, neurobots, translator). It’s a great instrument for connecting people and letting people do many interesting things right inside the app.

How did this idea come? Just wanted to send ETH to my Granny right on Telegram :)))

Host: Q3. Why should we use the iMe platform? What are its advantages? What is the advantage of iMe wallet compared to other wallets?

Alex Borutskiy: iMe offers all of Telegram’s features as well as some exciting new tools and settings such as crypto wallets, Neurobots, a built-in Google translator, a functional cloud with albums, advanced folder functions, transcribing voice messages to text. Using iMe, you don’t have to change your messaging environment since you’ll have all telegram contacts available in our app. Thus, there’s a huge potential for growth, cause we involve the users to try the upleveled features in the habitual environment.

The first advantage of the iMe wallet is usability. iMe Wallet has a full-fledged functionality allowing all kinds of operations with crypto, without the necessity to apply MetaMask or other wallet apps, and its interface is intuitive and simple to be used even by those who are new to crypto. With iMe you don’t have to remember all your passwords or wallet addresses because we added encryption with a pin code on user’s devices. Second comes security: only a user’s device has access to their wallet’s account. Third, iMe Wallet has integrated exchanges: Uniswap is already available in the Android and iOS versions, gradually we’ll add 1INCH and Pancake. Users are able to manage their finances directly via the iMe app. Fourth, we’ll have the most popular blockchains and tokens integrated into iMe Wallet. Now Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are already integrated with iMe. Soon we’ll add Polkadot, and then other popular blockchains as well. Finally, it’s cheaper: iMe charges zero fees, so you connect directly to Uniswap (or other DEXs in the future) and pay only the commissions they demand, which could be up to 2 times cheaper in comparison to other wallet apps. And for sure, iMe has some great handy communication features.

Host: Q4. Please tell us about the native token and its functions of the iMe platform.

Alex Borutskiy: At the center of the iMe Smart Platform is the Lime token. Lime Token is an Ethereum token of the ERC-20 standard. In total, 1 billion Lime Tokens were issued at the TGE.

Token holders will get access to different privileges in the app that users without LIME won’t have. They will include: The DAO system. Lime token holders from around the world will have a say in the development of the ecosystem and can suggest or influence the decision-making process depending on their stake. It also includes a Tier system. Members of Tiers will also have advantages like, for example, when the functionality to participate in an IDO of a project right from our app is implemented, members of Tiers will get whitelisted among the first. We’re also launching the staking program pretty soon, so by holding a certain amount of LIME you may get a percentage of a partner’s tokens or a reward in BUSD. A platform for testers will be also implemented in iMe, each participant who searches for and fixes bugs will get rewarded in LIME. This article can give you more insight on the token utility

LIME is listed on Uniswap,, and Bilaxy exchanges, all the information about the smart contract and other details you can find in the post

Host: Q5. We see that now iMe apps have been downloaded and used a lot in the market. What high-quality partners does iMe have that can help iMe gain more traffic and users?

Alex Borutskiy: We have already established good partnerships with valid projects and have VCs on board and continue to expand our partner relationships further as our ecosystem can be widened and partners’ products will complement its exposure in a proper way. For the present, we have united with such robust projects and VCs like Parsiq, Playcent, xSigma, OKEx ventures, Litentry, Dego, and many others which you can see in our pitch deck and site (please mind that the other partners will appear in our site pretty soon). You can also see the new partnerships’ announcement on our Twitter.

Host: Q6. How does iMe view the Chinese market? Now iMe is mainly integrated into telegram. Will it cooperate with WeChat or some other Chinese social software in the future?

Alex Borutskiy: We think that the Chinese market is a promising area for the iMe expansion. We started to move towards Asia and in particular China, and now are actively working on the gradual emergence of our product there. iMe is an international project. The current geography of users includes many regions and countries. Besides, there is no limit to communication between citizens of different countries as we have an in-app google translator that helps to understand and even answer to many interlocutors speaking various languages. No language barrier for our users. We’ve got international chats in Telegram and where everybody can ask their questions about our platform and Chinese chat in WeChat as well.

Our long-term plans are mainly focused on the iMe development on Telegram API for now, we have a lot of ideas to realize in iMe stated in our roadmap. But moving forward, we can’t exclude the possibility of cooperation with other providers. Btw, Chinese users may download our APK via VPN and try out our application. It may be both interesting to people in crypto and people who just want to chat in a convenient messenger environment.

Host: Q7. Next, please introduce the roadmap of iMe. We are very curious about the future of iMe.

Alex Borutskiy: The closest things to come are: EVM/BSC bridge for LIME, switching between erc20 and bep20 networks, launch of the staking program (stake Lime, get BUSD), integration of 1inch, Binance Pay integration, the realization of the donation system in iMe, adding trustful erc20 and bep20 tokens to iMe wallet.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. More plans can be found in our roadmap which is updated each time new targets appear. Our userbase is rather big now (over 2,500,000+ downloads) but we plan to increase it 5 times by 2022. iMe holds to its course and continues to set even new objectives ahead.

Host: Q8. Can you tell us some terms and conditions of use regarding app privacy? Many users worry that our information will be stolen and provided to third parties. How does iMe deal with these insecurities?

Alex Borutskiy: Security is on the list of the top targets for iMe. We don’t have access to any users’ data including names, phone numbers, conversations, and do not store and transmit it anywhere. All this data is proceeded through Telegram servers. As for the iMe wallet, only the device has access to keys and funds, so users can control this data by themselves. The wallet enables a PIN code for password encryption. No servers are involved.

Our key goal is to provide a user-friendly and safe interface to allow not only crypto-addicted users but also newbies in the sphere to merge into the crypto community without extra effort.

Host: Q9. iMe seems to have a staking program, can you give us a detailed introduction?

Alex Borutskiy: Yes, this functionality will become available in the near future. Any LIME holder can participate in our Staking Program and get rewarded in BUSD bep20. Staking will be available for periods from 1 to 12 months with a different percentage rate of the reward they may get. When joining the Staking program, users will make deposits for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc (12 months max) and get a monthly reward in BUSD. We will also create pools with partners’ tokens to reward participants of the program with their tokens. After the chosen period is over, all LIME that were allotted to the program by a user and locked on the iMe escrow account for the chosen period of time will be returned. The functionality that is necessary to participate in the program will be available only in the iMe app. Soon, there’ll be more detailed information about the program and participation in it. Please check our official channels for the announcement of the start of the program.

Host: Q10. Finally, talk to us about whether iMe has some similar competitors and competitors. Where are we better than them?

Alex Borutskiy: If you have a detailed look at other projects, iMe doesn’t have a direct competitor. We’ve outperformed the so-called competitors:))) Even though we are for healthy competition, we don’t have projects to compete with at this moment.

There’re many wallet and messenger providers in the market, but all these projects are not our direct competitors, cause no messenger has a full-fledged non-custodial crypto wallet in it yet, and no wallet has an integrated messaging interface. iMe Smart platform is a whole ecosystem combining messaging and DeFi tools, neurobots trained on neural networks, Uniswap onboard, and numerous other features. Besides, the team of the project manages to handle the really complicated Telegram code and implement new handful features that may ease the daily communication for our community. The app infrastructure can expand with more features appearing in its architecture.

These were the main questions that were touched upon in our WeChat AMA conversation organized by the Sunrise Dragon community. Follow our official channels to be informed about new AMA events and other news. Download iMe from Google Play and App Store, or download our APK.

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iMe - an alt client powered by Telegram API. - Improved folders, topics, wallet, neurobots, translator. Site —

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