The Next Stage of Evolution in iMe’s Integration of Binance

5 min readApr 29, 2022


iMe team had worked closely with the Binance dev team to integrate some Binance features into iMe app. Through this integration, we made Binance functionality available to all the users of iMe app (for Android and iOS), while the Binance community got access to the powerful features and functionalities of the iMe platform. This created a happy win-win scenario for both communities.

We have always endeavored to spot trends and functionalities that we could implement in our app in an effort to offer our users the best features that would make their lives easier and more rewarding. Similarly, we are always on the lookout to better what we are already offering — in this case, the question was how we could implement the integration of the Binance set of features into iMe and offer even better functionalities. Binance and iMe’s dev teams sat together on the drawing board and came up with some exciting solutions. And these solutions are part of Binance updates — we call it the Integration of Binance functionality into the iMe platform.

More details on the upgrade of this integration

With Binance Pay integration into iMe, the response we received from our community was heartwarming. People loved this feature as it allowed for easy, secure, and seamless transactions using one of the most popular and advanced crypto payment platforms. So let us take a quick look at what the new Binance functionality upgrade brings to the table.

  1. Detailed wallet interface

First of all, we have incorporated some changes in the wallet interface. The interface is the most important touchpoint between any tech and the end-user. The tech solution may be the most robust and powerful ever, but if the interface isn’t intuitive, the user will never get the optimum experience. Keeping this in mind, we have made some improvements to the account main screen, where the information is displayed in greater and more vivid detail. Users are able to see the total balance of their Binance accounts (spot, margin) right inside their iMe accounts, without having to leave iMe app.


2. Swap cryptocurrencies via Binance

Secondly, we’ve added the exciting feature of coin swap via the Binance platform in this stage of Binance functionality integration. This means that any user can swap one token for another right on the Binance Exchange with the help of the new Binance features available in iMe. By adding the swap feature, we wish to create an easy, safe and secure way for converting one coin for the desired in a matter of seconds, at the click of the button and without having to go outside iMe.


3. Binance balance replenishment from iMe

Third, we want to give the opportunity to make deposits to a user’s Binance account directly from iMe wallet. So, if a person has an activated iMe crypto wallet and there are some USDT tokens in their account, they can simply link their Binance account, tap the Replenish button in the iMe wallet interface and replenish their Binance account from their crypto wallet account. This functionality makes crypto transactions a breeze and fun.


We would like also to remind you about our initial phase of Binance Pay integration. In the first stage, the collaboration of Binance and iMe team implemented following features:

  • Linking your Binance Pay account to your iMe wallet;
  • Displaying of coins with balances and transaction history;
  • Creation of payment requests between users, including within the chat;
  • Making payments to requests by scanning the QR-code, with a quick transition to Binance Pay for confirmation.

How to start using this functionality?

First, you will need to have a verified Binance account with Binance Pay activated on it. If you don’t have a Binance account yet, you can create one on the official website and then go through the verification process.

We recommend you to have installed the Binance app with successful verification on the same device where the iMe app is also installed.

Parting words

Our prime endeavor has always been to create an ecosystem that hosts the best technological features of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which we believe are all about empowering the least common denominator of the world. With the evolution of the Binance functionality in iMe, we are adding another feather in iMe app’s cap as a curator of the most advanced, beneficial, and rewarding features and functionalities that seek to make cryptos a part of everybody’s lives.

Stay tuned as we keep adding more exciting features to iMe.

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