There’s a New Sheriff in Town. Wanna Know What Lime Token is?

The Sheriff is preparing to take office!

A little bit about the LIME token -

LIME is a cryptocurrency token in the iMe messenger and wallet. This is an Ethereum token of the ERC-777 standard (improved ERC 20). In total, 1 billion LIME tokens will be created.

Why ERC 777?

Let us clarify.

This format is an “improvement” of the usual ERC-20. It is backward compatible with ERC-20, but has several advantages:

  • When exchanging tokens, it uses one transaction instead of two in ERC-20;
  • Automatically cancels the transaction if contracts are incompatible;
  • The ability to tag if the wrong address is entered;
  • The ability to assign operators (addresses that have the right to send tokens from another address);
  • Accelerated transaction processing.

Each LIME Token Holder will get access to additional features in the crypto wallet and the iMe app, details will be announced soon, as developments occur.

Within the iMe ecosystem, LIME tokens will be exchanged via smart contracts through the integrated, decentralized Uniswap crypto exchange. To do this, an initial pool of liquidity will be created.

In the near future, with the help of Uniswap, iMe users who intend to exchange LIME tokens will be able to do this in an easy, seamless manner. We are integrating the Uniswap functionality into our app.

A common problem that most users refer to when using Uniswap is the possibility of losing gas fees if the transaction fails. We have taken all measures to prevent this from happening to our users. There are still a lot of interesting things to do with the LIME token, stay tuned!!!

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