Top 20 wallets in $LIME Staking to get $UFI tokens reward.

We are ready to disclose the top 20 winners to share a $12,000 reward pool in $UFI tokens provided by our partner PureFi, participating in $LIME Staking campaigns by the iMe project. Our congratulations to the winners with the biggest amount of $LIME staked during the second week of the campaigns. We have distributed the reward pool among 20 wallets listed below according to their Stake size. The more you stake, the more reward you get. As simple as that!

Behold the incredible Top 20 of the second week:

  1. 0x1F4fa7F0cD8Ffe6629bFe349702e5652cFD34675 – 23,076 $UFI tokens

2. 0x6187DE29e759ae2b1dB4221eC1bA7b0E98e8ee3E – 19,230 $UFI tokens

3. 0x872e8E5Fb0685331cB881265A7426eB2DDE5B935 – 17,307 $UFI tokens

4. 0xEF343CB71561B277f292a18251AB43fE31b3f24d – 15,384 $UFI tokens

5. 0x64C308D9c0B75d51b028483C0FcB5e11642B5f8f – 13,461 $UFI tokens

6. 0x29120D2eC46AeF3bC7BA3c8F618362c93ffCBF7B – 13,461 $UFI tokens

7. 0x666D7A2793DD7Cfa739356f931f9819573352F8f – 9,615 $UFI tokens

8. 0x3FD6850e65bD3F7DDf8EFDAC3185958eaB222930 – 9,615 $UFI tokens

9. 0xa18eF58b91eBceF6d2A1A79D3D4911D56e9382cF – 7,692 $UFI tokens

10. 0xbCc230E5C3B47f35267B92c251f608C68338924e – 7,692 $UFI tokens

11. 0x1e5B1F71ef0E115a856cF663C8aEE7A11de5C78F – 7,692 $UFI tokens

12. 0xb9C2476fCD80D48E36D3477Fad7E75f26D233BA4 – 7,692 $UFI tokens

13. 0xE7479131276Eac14A99e8aA6EEFEb8432C6EA577 – 7,692 $UFI tokens

14. 0x571F404d4202D03922832F7157b340e0403D05f9 – 7,692 $UFI tokens

15. 0x02d50cCB1DaF4C36C14EA1F0364A14C6F78918aD – 5,769 $UFI tokens

16. 0xE4e7381666A3c54e3E5dAcbd7E91a30C5767cafe – 5,769 $UFI tokens

17. 0x1a36d2f555910E303E6E06a5e7f9084AEb52905C – 3,846 $UFI tokens

18. 0x1C1C363AAfca663e5576e640A297C36E98198CCc – 3,846 $UFI tokens

19. 0x1914508E01739882966F8F45f36cbb288fBA0BAb – 3,846 $UFI tokens

20. 0xf4A81b1c1569CDc1374BE021654A30f6B44434A4 – 1,923 $UFI tokens

Our congratulations to the leaders! Your rewards have been sent to you! Please mind that the pool is distributed according to the level of $LIME staked by a wallet.

If you want to get additional APY from your $UFI reward, you may join PureFi farming to increase your funds. Let your $UFI work for you! Get more information about PureFi on its official resources:
Website, Twitter, Telegram

If you want to share the prize pool as well as get your stable USDT reward for holding tokens of the iMe project, join one of the $LIME staking campaigns and become the leader holding the biggest amount of $LIME. Read the details here.

Wait for the new reward pool distribution and guess which partner’s tokens will be sent to the top wallets next time! Stay tuned to our social media not to miss other news and surprises by iMe!

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