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iMe team together with founders Alex Barhat and Alexander Borutskiy have made a long way through numerous AMA events where they have disclosed the current information about the project development, its past and future. That is why we’ve decided to share the most interesting Q&A parts of the events with you. Read and learn more about the iMe Smart Platform project.

Q1) Thanks for joining us today. Please start off by introducing yourselves to our community?

Alexander Borutskiy: Hello, I´m Alex Borutskiy, one of the co-founders of iMe. I’m 20 years in IT, in crypto since 2016. Have a Ph.D. in economics. Ready to answer all the Q reg. iMe

Alex Barhat: Hi, I’m Alex Barhat, I’ve been in crypto since 2014, started from mining, and then got deeper into development. Have a higher education in software engineering.

Q2) What is iMe platform? Please tell us how this project idea came.

Alexander Borutskiy: iMe Smart Platform has essentially two main features (all in one ready product which you can download and try for free already). First, iMe has got a messaging ecosystem based on Telegram API with extra cool perks, voice-to-text transcription, google translator, neurobots, and other functional stuff. Second, the app has a well-functioning and safe crypto wallet to send some ETH in two clicks to your wife as a birthday present aaand, you don’t need to close the app, communicate, and send/buy/swap/receive crypto. Use your card to buy USDT or other currency immediately at the app.

Alex Barhat: iMe is developed on Telegram’s API. It offers all of Telegram’s features as well as some exciting new tools. Using iMe, you don’t have to change your messaging environment since you’ll have all Telegram contacts and environment available in our app.

Alexander Borutskiy: Somebody asked to explain what is iMe, as an explanation for a child. I can say that it’s a modern way to communicate + all the “toys” big modern guys love (DeFi, crypto exchange, neurobots, translator). It’s a great instrument for connecting people and letting people do many interesting things right inside the app.

How did this idea come? Just wanted to send ETH to my Granny right on Telegram :)))

Q3) What are the main features of iMe Messenger and Crypto Wallet, what exciting functionalities have you added to the iMe Smart Platform?

Alex Barhat: The list of our main features includes a safe Telegram-based messaging ecosystem, DeFi functionality (non-custodial crypto wallet and Uniswap crypto exchange, the fresh idea of neurobots in chats, built-in Google translator, functional Cloud, transcribing voice messages to text, etc. Besides, iMe offers all of the Telegram’s features together with native updates and settings. But just imagine, now you can use Uniswap right in your Telegram client, isn’t it exciting? And it is not the limit for our killer features.

Alexander Borutskiy: Uniswap is already available in the Android version (iOS updates coming soon). Gradually we’ll add 1INCH and Pancake. Users will be able to manage their finances directly via the iMe app. iMe charges zero fees, so you connect directly to Uniswap (or other DEX in future) and pay only the commissions it demands, which could be up to 2 times cheaper in comparison to other wallet apps.

Q4) Tell me more about iMe Platform native token and its major utility.

Alexander Borutskiy: Regarding LIME, it’s not issued yet, but the listing is coming soon. Lime is an ERC-20 crypto token that may be used as payment for some advanced features in iMe. You can purchase other coins for Lime, get access to more extended functionality and a wide range of partners’ products that will be integrated into the app. You can purchase other coins for Lime, get our partners’ tokens reward for having a certain amount of Lime in your account, vote and take an active part in the decision-making process regarding the ecosystem growth. Soon after listing, we’ll introduce a Tier system, where owners of higher Tiers will have more opportunities and rights in voting on suggested functions of the application. Keep an eye on Lime as there are gonna be more utilities with time.

Alex Barhat: Surely, any project can be treated differently, but the truth is said by the numbers. The project is actively developing and very likely, what we will see in a few months will be even more striking. Namely, this is about the amount of the Ethereum wallets, popular blockchains integration (Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot), and the continuing user base growth as a result not only of such integrations but also of the number of handy features.

Altogether, this will definitely fuel the interest towards the LIME token from the replenishing community now and in future. The development has gained momentum and iMe has won recognition both from crypto and non-crypto communities. Keep a lookout for the ido, and listing of Lime token on Uniswap that is coming very soon, after the middle of May.

Q5) Are there any current or upcoming partnerships your platform has which you can share with us?

Alex Barhat: We have already established good partnerships with valid projects and have VCs on board, you can also see our partnerships on our Twitter. So far, it’s been like this

Q6) Please give us a sneak peek of your Roadmap?

Alex Barhat: The closest things to come are: launching LIME tokens in the middle of May, listing LIME on Uniswap and Pancake, and tier 1 centralized exchange, integrating Pancake and 1INCH and new tokens to iMe Wallet.

Recently we have finished the integration of the Uniswap exchange into our ecosystem (available for Android users, iOS updates will be soon), and this is really important for us and our users. We plan to add more DEXs (1INCH and Pancake) and integrate with popular blockchains (Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot) to provide our users with more DeFi tools and solutions.

Alexander Borutskiy: Our userbase is rather big now (over 1,500,000 downloads) but we plan to increase it 5 times by 2022. Now we are moving towards the IDO and listing event, which means Lime’s issuance is next on the list. iMe holds to its course and continues to set even new objectives ahead.

Q7) Experienced team is the most vital thing in building company growth, a project will not develop without being managed by an experienced team, whatever it is good. how about #ime platform? Does your team have good experience in the cryptocurrency world?

Alexander Borutskiy: Yep, we have a highly professional team of developers behind the project with experience starting from 10 years. Team leads have over 15 years of experience in development and were engaged in several successful crypto projects. Besides, working with the telegram code already means obtaining the highest skills: not every developer is capable of handling this code due to its complexity — it has no analogues and there’re no handbooks on how to develop it. Our team leads are now writing handbooks on how to manage the telegram code!

There are 27 people working on the project, 19 of them are involved in development.

Q8) iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet is a multifunctional client powered by Telegram API with integrated Tools, Blockchain & Crypto Wallet. Multifunctional,Fast,Cloud-based, Secure. Why do we use iME Apps while TELEGRAM has All the Features? What profits will USER get by using your Apps?

Alex Barhat: Does Telegram really have a built-in translator, cloud storage, neurobots, and especially Crypto Wallet and integrated decentralized exchanges? Uniswap for instance? We haven’t heard, have you?

Q9) Please shed some light on the benefits of iMe Smart Platform?

Alexander Borutskiy: iMe is the first and only to introduce DeFi functionality on a messaging platform. There’re many wallet and messenger providers in the market, but no messenger has a full-fledged non-custodial crypto wallet in it yet, and no wallet has an integrated messaging interface

In contrast to MetaMask or other crypto wallets, using DEXs in iMe can be up to 2 times cheaper, because iMe Smart Platform charges NO fees. If you use Uniswap through iMe, you’ll pay only the commissions of Uniswap.

Q10) Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Alexander Borutskiy: Yes, we’ve got global promotion plans. iMe is an international project. The current geography of users includes many regions and countries. Besides, there is no limit to communication between citizens of different countries as we have an in-app google translator that helps to understand and even answer to many interlocutors speaking various languages. No language barrier for our users. We’ve got international chats and where everybody can ask their questions about our platform.

Q11) iMe is an alt client powered by Telegram API w/ features such as improved folders, topics, secure crypto wallet, neurobots and translator. So how does iMe Messenger integrate a Crypto Wallet and may I ask what is the reason why you call iMe Messenger as a “Smart Platform”?

Alex Barhat: We’ve realized a crypto wallet in iMe with the help of science and the wits of our dev team. As you might know, Telegram code is not a pie to be so easy, still, the team has managed to build this full-fledged DeFi tool in the app. It’s safe, only the device has access to your private keys and we’ve introduced an additional shield to keep your account safe — a PIN code for password encryption.

Alexander Borutskiy: As for the “Smartness” of iMe…If, for example, a person can handle several complicated things at a time and is successful in this action so why not call them smart? iMe helps you communicate, manage your crypto assets, provides you with the opportunity to earn, and has unlimited possibilities for feature expansion.

Q12) First of all, getting enough funds is a primary goal for the construction of a project. Is your team economically capable of running this project? Do you have enough funding to develop it? Can you tell us how the profit is generated by your project?

Alexander Borutskiy: We have been rock-solid for more than two years from the very beginning of the development and now our team has grown significantly. No emergency stops were made during hard 2k20 and now we see the reasonable dynamic boost of new users. iMe has widened its functionality immensely since the start and this is not a free trip, as you may understand. We’ve been monetized by simplex for integrating their service of buying crypto by cards. We’ve planned to introduce some cool paid functionality as well, and many more. For the last two months, the influx of users has grown three times, which can tell a lot.

Q13) Any plan for public sale or IDO and when will be the listing?

Alexander Borutskiy: Yes, we plan to have an IDO and listing, but the details are to be announced soon. Follow our updates.

Q14) I want to ask Who is the most ideal customer for your product?

Alex Barhat: In general, we can distinguish between 3 groups of people, who can come to use iMe: those who are already in crypto, no-crypto users, and those who are getting initially interested in crypto. Almost everyone:) We cannot talk about an ideal user or client here, cause we can see iMe can be widely adopted around the world by different people due to its advanced DeFi and communication features. All the Telegram users are potential iMe users as well.

Q15) Could you tell us a little bit about the terms and conditions of use regarding the privacy of the application? It is the fear of many users that our information is misappropriated and provided to third parties. How does iMe respond to these insecurities?

Alex Barhat: Security is on the list of the top targets for iMe. we don’t have access to any users’ data including names, phone numbers, conversations, and do not store and transmit it anywhere. All this data is proceeded through Telegram servers. As for the iMe wallet, only the device has access to keys and funds, so users can control this data by themselves. The wallet enables a PIN code for password encryption. No servers are involved.

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