Weekly iMe updates

New from Telegram
The source code has been updated to Telegram version 7.7:
• Payments 2.0
• Scheduled Voice Chats
• Mini Profiles for Voice Chats
• Improved Video Player
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New from iMe
• Filters of members in channels, available for administrators;
• Settings for sorting messages in the Cloud;
• Improvement of the translator:
- Translation settings for channels
- Settings button in the translation window
- Change languages in places in the translation window
- Translation of polls
- Translation of bio’s in profiles
- Translation of a welcome message in bots
• Added transfers of ETH and tokens, between iMe users and to public addresses;
• New Receive button, in the details of the balance of cryptocurrencies and tokens;
• Redesign of the referral link interface;
• Added rates for cryptocurrencies and tokens.

New from iMe
• Integration of the Uniswap decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, for the swap of ETH and ERC-20 tokens among themselves via smart contracts;
• Many bug fixes and optimization.

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